D§S's Decalogue


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D§S's Decalogue

When you became a Dergano Surfer you have to learn its rules and respect them.

  1. From the moment you became a group member, you have to respect the other D§S members.
  2. When you are in a chat-line, you have to keep your nickname. You can't change it in another one! But if you change your nick, you have to keep your rank and your D§S' nick; for example: Gen.ЧBsaman² alias: Bruce Willis
  3. All ranks have to help Bsaman and Shotgun when they need.
  4. The "§" is the symbol you have to put before your nickname and anything can be added; you can write everything you want after your nick.
  5. The symbol "§" is property of Dergano § Surfers. All kind of nickname's or symbol's imitation will be persecuted by copyright laws.
  6. Founders, Gen.Bsaman² & Com.Shot², are at the head of Dergano § Surfers and they are the major ranks in all over D§S.
  7. Official D§S' web site is on http://ds.intercom.it/ds/, and it's mirrored on http://pd.nettuno.it/lama/ds; any kind of alteration can be done only by Bsaman and Shotgun or by the webmaster, (§)Espl°(§) Lord Tomah.
  8. Meeting place of Dergano Surfers is Radio Deejay WebChat. In case of it's down, the haunt is Intercom WebChat.
  9. We accept people wich are belonging to any kind of race, religion and nation. Racialist and vandals will be punished by immediate expulsion!
  10. Official song is "Born To Be Wild" (Steppen Wolf).

Every action wich is in contrast with only one of this rules, will bring the wrong doer to the other D§S decree.

Perfect Chatter's Handbook

Are you looking for something serious??? Well... I think the only serious thing is the hard work that §FtM's psychiatrist have to do !!! :-) GOOD READING!!!

Part I
If you want to be a good chatter you must:
one eye to the screen,
one eye to the modem's lights,
one hand to the mouse,
one hand to the keyboard...
... waiting more parts.

Part II
If you want to be a good chatter you must:
read messages, while
you're writing messages, while
you're listening to hte radio, while
you're studying (who still do :-]), while
you're watching you favourite team on TV, while
you're saying "fuck off!" to referee, while
you're checking mail...

Part III
If you want to be a good chatter you must:
know 123 chat-line,
know 295 friends in each one,
know 310 tales about each one of them,
know 4 ways to narrate them! ...

Part IV
If you want to be a good chatter you must:
behave faultless
always polite and agreeable
but if someone bother you
you can get nervous "only a bit"!
You can cut off his head,
giving it to the dogs,
you can set on fire his body
throwing it on railroad;
take remaining pieces and bury them in his garden!

Part V
If you want to be a good chatter you must:
get to chat-line saying fabulous sentences,
astonish with unbalaced images and effects,
grow dark noisily
... in short...
be like you're the best!

Part VI
If you want to be a good chatter you must:
Burgle an FTP site to have Netscape version 10beta3
when people have only 2.0
navigate only in web site for adults
so you can send on chat not decent images! :-)
Be member of various net-clubs!

Part VII
If you want to be a good chatter you must:
Always tell Internet is cheap,
if used moderately,
like he doesn't do!!! :-)

If you want to be a good chatter you must:
Be charming,
polite ,
very, very, modest! :-)

Blue Ribbon

Copyright © 1996 - created by Tommaso Corà
english traslation by Dario Marino